After Care Instruction


Care and Maintenance of your Composite Work Surfaces

Although Quartz Composite is regarded as one of the most practical and durable work surface available for household kitchens – care must be taken. If you want your possessions to look nice you have to look after them and quartz is no exception to this rule. Quartz worktops are not indestructible

Work surfaces should be cleaned using a neutral detergent/cleaner i.e. very mild soapy fairy liquid water solution, rinse off with warm clean water if necessary and use a clean soft towelling micro fibre cloth to apply and another cloth to buff dry. This ensures no film build up on the surface which will eventually make the worktop surface appear dull. A 500ml spray bottle can be purchased from a DIY store and fill with eight parts clean water and two parts fairy liquid for cleaning use.

Please be aware if any products containing either chlorine, any acidic, bleach, ammonia or concentrated disinfectants are used to clean or are spilled on the surface this could cause the surface to become permanently discoloured or etch the polish to give a dull or matt appearance.

Although the Quartz is permanently sealed in the manufacturing process you should get in the habit of wiping and cleaning spillages off the surface immediately i.e. curry sauces, saffron, beetroot, red wine, blackcurrant, citrus liquids, fizzy drinks, wine, vinegars etc…

Avoid spilling any acidic products or chemicals, Do Not leave these spillages to stand and eventually evaporate as this may leave a permanent mark and depending what you have spilt, in extreme cases may not clean completely leaving a permanent stain, and may also etch the polish on the surface.

Do not allow lime scale build up around the sink area especially in hard water areas as this can etch or damage the polish and leave water marks or a dull surface. Always clean and keep this area dry. Try to stay on top of this situation. Use a plate rack with a drip tray to collect water.

When cooking make sure you keep this area clean from oil spitting and spillages when cooking as the hot oil could stain when left to dry.

Do not use any abrasive or metal scouring cloths or pads to try and remove build up on the surface as this could also permanently etch the polish.

Always use a chopping board  with rubber feet when preparing, rolling roti or pastries, cutting or chopping meat, vegetables, fruit, cakes, different types of food and not directly onto the surface as using sharp or heavy objects will scratch or chip the surface . we DO NOT recommend using the surface directly as constant use will make the surface loose its shine and have discolouration. Always’s take care of your worktop.

Tests have shown Quartz Composite cannot withstand excessive direct heat therefore it is not advisable to place extremely hot objects like saucepans or frying pans which have been subjected to continuous heat on the cooker or hob directly onto the Quartz surface. You must use a trivet or stand with rubber protectors on the feet, place this on the surface; and pans on the stand. Placing something extremely hot on the surface could leave a permanent mark as the intense heat could soften the resin used to manufacture the Quartz.